Yacht Captain Simulator
You can maneuver your yacht in three locations: Open Ocean, The Bulkhead and Coral King Yacht Club. Open Ocean   is an infinite blue field with no obstructions or hazards. You can power at will and, if leaving the screen, the scene toggles your location back to the center. 
The Bulkhead is a simple harbor that is excellent for practicing Tahiti-style stern-to mooring as shown here. The Megayacht has dropped her anchor distant from the pier, deployed fenders including 2 on her stern, and attached 2 stern lines. She is moored. 
Coral King Yacht Club can be more of a challenge. Surrounded by reefs and with possible strong surge to the West, You are challenged to maneuver up the lanes between piers to find a suitable slip. The Megayachts can be especially troublesome and you may need to set both an anchor and mooring lines in some of the shorter slips. 
Your harbor might be next? If you can provide a suitable aerial image and guarantee a minimum purchase of CD's possibly for your yacht club's store, we will program your club for inclusion. Contact us by email or snail mail. 
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