Yacht Captain Simulator
Two outboard-powered "yachts" are offered: A 20-footer with a 50HP motor and wheel-steering and a 16-foot "Tinny" with a 12-HP motor that must be steered with the outboard motor tiller. With the Tinny, you steer by pulling the tiller to the port or starboard. BUT, pulling the tiller to port as shown above turns the yacht to starboard.  
The Bridge for the 20-footer is similar to a cabin cruisers. The Tinny bridge shown here is simple with the normal Simulation and Environmental Controls on the bottom. She is on a course of 94 degrees with a speed of 0.2 knots forward. The tiller cartoon on the upper left is angled to port to request a moderate turn to starboard with the throttle set at the 4% forward. Below the throttles, the "Fenders and Lines Please" request to launch the fenders has not been checked so the mooring line selections are not shown. Near the bottom of the Bridge are the wind indicators and controls that affect how the simulation operates. At bottom right is the request to drop the anchor that has not been selected in this example. 
After you check the "Fenders and Mooring Lines Please" box your fenders are set on both sides and another set of commands appears that allows you to attach and cleat-off your mooring lines. Here the Bow, Stern and Stern Spring lines have been thrown to the dock crew and the Stern Spring line has been cleated off. With her outobard set for a turn to starboard, she can back down on the spring line toward her desired position inticated in light blue. Note that the direction she is facing does not matter, only her position next to the pier.