Yacht Captain Simulator
Cabin cruisers 
Two cabin cruisers are offered. The 40-foot cabin cruiser is a proper yacht and excellent for practicing maneuvers in tight quarters. Her twin-screw setup, two engines that can be operated independently, is great for maneuvering. With 8 cleats you have a dedicated cleat for all of your mooring lines. She can be docked either alongside the pier or Tahiti-style, anchored with her stern toward the pier. The 30-foot cabin cruiser is similar except she has only a single engine. This makes her much more difficult to maneuver in tight quarters and she is not provided with gear for Tahiti-style mooring. 
Here the Bridge for the 40-footer has the controls set for a slight turn to port with the wheel controlling the turn. (The Bridge for the 30-footer is similar but with only one throttle.) The engines are linked in this example and set for slow astern. The speed readout box shows red so you know that you have at least a small amount of movement astern, half a knot as shown here. Below the throttles, the "Fenders and Lines Please" request to launch the fenders has not been checked so the mooring line selections are not shown. Near the bottom of the Bridge are the wind indicators and controls that affect how the simulation operates. At bottom right is the request to drop the anchor that has not been selected in this example. 
After you check the "Fenders and Mooring Lines Please" box your fenders are set on both sides and another set of commands appears that allows you to attach and cleat-off your mooring lines. Here the Bow and Bow Spring lines have been thrown to the dock crew but neither have been cleated off on your yacht. The  light blue outline indicates the final position you should maneuver toward.