Yacht Captain Simulator
The 75 foot Megayacht has twin, shaft-mounted propellers that are mounted in front of a pair of matching rudders. In general, the propellers drive the ship forward and in reverse and the rudders control the direction. With forward thrust, the propellers increase the steering power of the rudders by driving water over their surfaces to form a water jet to either side. You can steer the ship with either the rudders or the propellers and use the two in combination. The ship also has a bow thruster to help turn the yacht or push her sideways toward or away from the dock. 
The top half of the Bridge window controls the yacht. The engines are controlled by twin throttle handles that select both speed and forward or reverse gear. Here the port propeller is set for 32% forward and the starboard engine is in neutral. The "link" box just below the throttles can be checked to ensure that both propellers have exactly the same settings or left unchecked as shown here for independent use. When cruising, you would usually keep the engines linked and then unlink for maneuvering into the dock.  
Directly under the throttles are red arrows that will increase or decrease the setting by 50%. The red circles return the throttles to neutral. Holding the mouse down over the yellow arrows gives a burst of throttle that returns to neutral when released. Directly under that is a check box to deploy the fenders and ready the mooring lines. Here the box has been checked so fenders are in place and mooring lines are in the hands of the crew waiting for instructions. Just below that is the bow thruster here is inactive.  
Instruments to the left show that the yacht is steering a course of 88 degrees and travelling at 3.0 knots forward. Only 37 seconds have elapsed since the start of the run.  
The lower half of the Bridge window controls the simulation environment, anchor and mooring lines. Zoom is set to 1.0 and there is 0 knots of wind that was last seen coming from 174 degrees. The mooring line control area has all 4 lines shown in grey meaning that none are within reach of a dock cleat. They will turn black when they come within range and you can check the "attach" box to tell crew to throw the line ashore. The dock crew will catch the line and cleat it off. Your onboard crew take in slack or release line as you maneuver. You must tell your onboard crew to cleat off the line when it reaches the desired length. You can then pull against the line to help you maneuver into the dock. 
The Azipod yacht has some very different steering capabilities. In Sea Mode as shown here, the wheel controls the rotation of the pods shown in the pod cartoon to the right 
But in Azipod mode the wheel is disabled and you control the pod rotation over 360 degrees. Here the pods have been unlinked with one pointed dead ahead and being used for propulsion and the other at 90 degrees to have a powerful steering function. This mode of operation can be a real challenge.