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NEW updates are now available for the cruise ship simulator, Cruise Ship Captain as well as the Cunard Lines simulator, Captain of the Queens
Every cruise ship and every cruise ship port finds a large group of cruise addicts lining the rail watching the maneuvers with practiced eyes. "The bow thrusters are on full now." "We've just reversed the port stern propeller." "We'll need the stern thrusters in a minute." "Looks like both azipods have rotated clockwise." "Why doesn't the pilot go ahead and use the ______?" "On my yacht right now I would ____." 
After several ports, the observant cruiser can begin to guess just what will be required to complete a certain maneuver. But ... could you actually dock the cruise ship successfully? Could you take command of a major cruise ship, enter a large harbor and avoid all the obstacles? Prior to our efforts, there were computerized ship simulators used to train harbor pilots but the costs were in the thousands of dollars and the detailed precision and setup requirements went far beyond the average cruise ship addict. 
Windward Technology has provided the answer, two different programs for Windows PC's that allow you to take command of a major cruise ship. Cruise Ship Captain simulates a standard, twin screw ship with bow and stern thrusters and a pod-driven ship that has her propellers on rotating pods instead of using rudders. Captain of the Queens simulates the famous Cunard liners, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth 2, Queen Elizabeth , Queen Victoria and Queen Mary 2. The QM2 with her unique 4-pod propulsion system is truly a challenge to master. The QE2 that lacks stern thrusters presents an entirely different challenge. Both packages allow you to enter and dock in popular harbors including Honolulu, Nawiliwili, Long Beach, New York, Fort Lauderdale, Southampton, Sydney and Apia or just maneuver in the open ocean with no danger of running aground. You can visit our free trial download areas Cruise Ship Captain and Captain of the Queens to give them a try.