Updates and Downloads 
Version 4.4.6, with many improvements is now available for download as of April, 2017, if you already own an earlier version of software. Most imnportant is fixing a problem with some 64-bit machines that failed to install the critical file, mscomctl.ocx. It also includes many improvements in graphics and in collision detection and saves a great deal of disk space. It also fully implements the Captains' Log function to record each Captain's best run for each ship and each harbor. A new harbor, Southampton, UK, is included as well as a Maximum Realism mode and an Open Sea steering mode for the pod ship. And finally, a new vessel is added, the ship's Tender for you to drive into Lahaina, Mau'i, and dock back at the ship. It is more like driving a sports car than the cruise ship. 
If you have one of these early versions and would like to download the updates, click the appropriate link below to download CSCUpgradeSetup.exe. After you download the file into a directory of your choice, find it with the Windows Explorer and double-click CSCUpgradeSetup.exe. It will install itself in the same directory as the original program that should be C://Program Files/Windward Technology/Cruise Ship Captain. DO NOT Uninstall the older version. The update must install over the older version. You should be ready to go. 
After the upgrade from version 1, you can delete the folder, "Program Files/Windward Technology/ Cruise Ship Captain/ships". 
If you have not already installed an earlier version of Cruise Ship Captain, these files will not work. 
Click here to download, CSCUpgradeSetup.exe 
This upgrade implements an additional zoom level that most newer machines should be able to handle. It greatly improves NY and Southampton especially. If your machine cannot handle this, you will be notified and advised not to use this highest zoom level. 
If you have a slow connection and the download takes too long and you live in the USA, send us cash or check for $10 and we will burn a CD for you. Contact us for shipping cost to other countries. Send to: 
Windward Technology 
44-432 KaneoheBay Dr. 
Kaneohe HI 96744 
Have patience, we may be out cruisin. 
After installing the 4.3 update, you can save yourself some room on your hard drive by deleting the entire folder //Program Files/Windward Technology/Cruise Ship Captain/Ships. This large folder has been replaced by the much smaller, ShipMasters. You can also erase the files ShipCaptain.hlp and ShipCaptain.cnt in your program directory. 
When first published, Cruise Ship Captain lacked the Cruise Ship Time Trials program, Cruise ShipTimeTrials.exe. Version 1.01B published in the Spring of 2005 included the Time Trials, but had only a Standard Cruise Ship in the simulation. Version 1.01c, in addition to various cleanups, added a new "Pod-driven" ship with propellers mounted on rotating pods so that rudders are not required and a new harbor, New York City. The pod ship will take some getting used to! She is very maneuverable, but the effects of rotating the pods may not be immediately intuitive. We have also added a tutorial mode in 1.01c in which the ship acts as if there were no inertia and responds to your commands immediately. This completely denies the laws of physics, but can help a new helmsman to learn the function of the different parts of the simulation. 
Version 2.012 brings large changes to the bridge window with animation. 
Version 3.0 added more to the harbors and ship graphics. 
Version 3.0V changed the help files to satisfy the requirements of Windows Vista and added more realism to the effects of wind on the beam. 
Version 3.1V introduced a few changes and an incomplete version of the Captains' Log. 
Version 3.2V finished the Captains' Log function. 
Version 4.1 added Southampton harbor, Maximum Realism mode and Open Sea steering mode. 
Version 4.2 fixed some problems with new Windows up to Windows 7. 
Version 4.3 fixed some remaining problems with the newer Windows and added the shp's Tender and Lahaina harbor. 
Version 4.4 made many improvements in graphics including ships' wakes and engine and steering controls. 
Version 4.4.4 and 5 corects problems encountered docking in some harbors