Captain of the Queens
Updates and Downloads 
Captain of the Queens, a have both been updated to version 4.4.6 dated April, 2017, that is 64-bit Windows 7 and VISTA compatible and includes a new harbor, Southampton, UK, and the new ships, the Queen Victoria launched in 2007 and Queen Elizabeth in the Fall of 2010 as well as a ship's Tender. It avoids the common problem of having the program fail when it cannot find the file, mscomctl.ocx. It also fully implements the Captains' Log function, maximum realism and the new Open Sea steering mode. The Time Trials game has been incorporated into the main progam. As with most software, you may not notice many of the more subtle improvements such as smoother graphics and improved collision detection. Since its first version 1.0 we have also added the orginal Queen Mary (now a hotel in Long Beach) to the package, Nawiliwili, Hawai`i, Southampton, UK  and Long Beach, CA as harbors and photos from the "Queens' Rendezvous" (Feb, 2006) when QM2 entered Long Beach to rendezvous with QM.  Discussions with crew on the QM2 and QV have also led to increased realism of all ships.  
The 4.4 upgrade will fix the F1 help problem encountered by some users. 
The 4.4.5 upgrade fixes a problem with docking in a few harbors. 
The 4.4.6 incorporates the Time Trials game into the single main program so QueensCaptain.exe is now the only program file. The accompanying Queens Time Trials isa no longer used. 
After downloading the file, CQUpgradeSetup.exe find the file on your hard drive and run it. It will automatically install the updates. DO NOT Uninstall the older version. The update must install over the older version.  
If you do not own Captain of the Queens, the upgrade will not operate so don't bother with the download. Instead you might purchase Captain of the Queens. 
Click here to download CQUpgradeSetup.exe
This upgrade implements an additional zoom level that most newer machines should be able to handle. It improves NY and Southampton especially. If your machine cannot handle this, you will see a notice and advice to not use this zoom level.  
Version 2.012 brings large changes to the bridge window with animation. 
Version 3.0 added more to the harbors and ship graphics. 
Version 3.0V changed the help files to satisfy the requirements of Windows Vista and added more realism to the effects of wind on the beam. 
Version 3.1V introduced a few changes and an incomplete version of the Captains' Log. 
Version 3.2V finished the Captains' Log function. 
Version 4.1 added Southampton harbor, Maximum Realism mode and Open Sea steering mode. 
Version 4.2 fixed some problems with new Windows up to Windows 7. 
Version 4.3 fixed some remaining problems with the newer Windows and added the shp's Tender and Lahaina harbor. 
Version 4.4 enhances the graphics and speed and adds to the ability to control engines and steering.