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Welcome to Windward Technology's Yacht Captain Simulator home page.  
Have problems docking your yacht? Do you know someone with similar problems? Or would you just like to try your hand at docking yachts of various types? You have come to the right place. Yacht Captain Simulator ( Windward Technology, 2016) includes yachts ranging from a 16-foot "tinny" outboard, a 28-foot sailboat, to an 80-foot Mega Yacht with Azipod power. After selecting a level of difficulty (wind conditions, presence or absence of traffic and random equipment failure) your choice of yacht is launched. You can maneuver in an open ocean with no fear of running aground, or choose harbors with different challenges. With a guarantee of a minimum order, you can even have us program your own harbor!  
In normal operating mode you can maneuver around a harbor hunting for a slip. (The simulation will let you know which slips you absolutely cannot fit into.) Choose which docking lines to attach as you maneuver next to the dock.  
Or you can select Time Trials mode in which the simulation selects a slip that you must enter. You set the amount of time allowed to enter the slip and set your mooring lines, 5, 10 or 15 min, and the simulation halts after time is up. Time Trials makes for a great party challenge as successive captains are scored for both elapsed time, final alignment with the dock and penalties for any damage sustained. Yes, it you hit something, especially if you forget to deploy your fenders, your score is penalized.  
Understanding the forces involved in maneuvering a boat under power is critical to successful docking of a vessel. So often you find that on the day you have problems getting into your slip that is the very time that a large crowd has gathered for some other reason. They will very likely offer you much advice during your maneuvers and for hours to follow. A bit of practice with this simulator can never substitute for actual on-the-water experience but it can give you a chance to try out new ways of approaching the dock, using different mooring lines, etc..., without a crowd of kibitzers. 
Could you have maneuvered this 75 foot Megayacht alongside the dock with bow, stern and stern spring lines attached? This is but one of the many challenges you can accept.  
Eight different yachts are included in version 1.0. Two Megayachts as above, a 75-footer with standard power (propellers on shafts) and an 80-footer with rotating Azipods, demand careful planning approaching the dock. Other yachts shown from left to right just above: A 40 ft, twin screw and 30 ft single screw Cabin Cruiser complete the inboard power boat fleet. A 31 ft sail boat with wheel steering and a 28 ft sail boat with tiller steering both have inboard power. Sorry they cannot be sailed into the slip. The 20 ft outboard uses wheel steering. The final 16 ft outboard "Tinny" must be maneuvered with the tiller on the outboard motor. 
Download the PDF User Manual to find out what it is all about 
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